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Dieter Stoffel GmbH was established in 1998. It has since grown into providing, parts, services, repairs for gas and steam turbine parts and complete engines.

Dieter Stoffel GmbH specializes in providing

  • GE industrial Gas Turbine capital parts like blades, vanes, combustion liners and transition pieces.
  • Gas Turbine Capital parts and consumables for Novo Pignone Gas turbines.
  • Siemens V94.2 gas turbine non-OEM capital and consumable part
  • Westinghouse/Fiat turbine non-OEM capital parts and consumables.

Consumables for Aero-derivative gas turbines

Dieter Stoffel GmbH was established in 1998. In last 11 years we have provided capital parts, locking hardware, fasteners, consumables to various Maintenance, Overhaul and Repair companies, End User as well as OEM. Our technical teams have overhauled turbines in Nigeria, Middle-east and Asia.

Technical assistance as well as in repair of capital parts like blades, vanes, combustions, transition pieces, fuels nozzle, gas turbine rotors. We have continued to grow and provided additional services like dismantling of existing Power Plants, boilers and relocating these power plant.

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